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Some Thoughts on Society

I wrote this for those who can relate to it.

You are all ignorant people, you don’t listen, you don’t care. You live your life, feeding on your own false desires and egoistic needs. Don’t you understand that you are controlled by the government and media, directed into a society of consuming unnecessary things. This is the reason for the depression epidemic in the western world. Caused by not following your own true will, but falling into slavery. And you are comfortable with this, therefore you will not change, you will close your eyes to this. That is your choise, but some day you will regret it.


I rather live in the forest, far away from society and materialistic thinking. Because unlike you I don’t value possession. I value consciousness, peace, love and happiness more. And as long as you love materials, you can’t love life. I was influenced by this. And I was depressed, but I found the truth and with it my happiness, the inner joy. And as long as the society is ignorant and close-minded I will hate it and pity those who live in it. I am longing for a place far away from it. And I am reaching for a home without all this false desires caused by the influence from media and the global ignorance. I want to live free, not in slavery like the rest of the world.


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