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I’ve had for a couple of years now lower back pain which returns now and then. I believe it is because that I have been sitting down to much and for a long time. The problems began shortly after that my interest of computers and web design came. I sat in school and when I came home I sat with the computer. Then I had a great time with no pain when I worked out, played soccer and in the military service it was not there aswell. But after the military service I started with an office job as a telephone salesman and worked with it for 4 years. And I came home and sat with my computer making websites. So my back problem came back again. But for some time now I have done some exercises which has been really good for my lower back. And I will keep doing them until it is gone and I can get out more. I am still little lazy after seven months of doing nothing really. Anyway here is the video and temporary cure for my back pain. Maybe it can do some good for you aswell?


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