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Well, today is the day! We have a historical election in Sweden. We can for the first time have a non-Socialist government two terms in a row. On other hand Sweden will see its first female prime minister tomorrow. The non-Socialist government has during this term handled the financial crisis very good. Sweden are on the top ten list* of countries which are least affected by the economic crisis in the world. The present government was even able to lower the income-taxes during this financial crisis. And from the las election “the Alliance” kept most (103 of 131) of the promises they made. They introduced something called “rut-avdraget” which gave 10 000 jobs for mostly youths and immigrants. They also privatized “Apoteket” (the pharmacy’s of Sweden which before was had monopoly on the drug market) with the output of 409 new pharmacy’s. This makes it a lot easier for people to get there because it’s closer. And it also gives thousands of new jobs. So far there has almost only been positive effects with the non-Socialist government.

What will happen if the socialist side wins? Well, first of the socialists cooperate with the communist party and their leader Lars Ohly who is very anti USA and pro-Palistine and Iran. This will make our good cooperation with the western countries such as USA unstable. Then the taxes will go back to the previous standard which results in lower incomes. The subsidies to non-workers will increase which lower the funds to other more important things like the medical services etc. The “rut-avdrag” will disappear and with it 10 000 jobs. The socialists will take Sweden and our strong economics and first make our beautiful country into a marxist state and will lead us to a communistic society. Is it worth it? If that happens I will move, and so will probably all company owners and other rich people also do. They whom which makes the society go around. Sweden will go to its grave.

GO Fredrik Reinfeldt and the non-Socialist Alliance

* http://www.labnol.org/internet/countries-least-affected-by-economic-recession/8814/


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