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The Danger with Religions.

Now, I don’t claim that everybody that believes in a God or Gods is dangerous, I don’t either want to claim that all religions are bad. However I would like to claim that religion is dangerous in general because it creates;

I can honestly say that the concern with fundamentalism became a real problem for me for the first time when the 9/11 attacks were a fact. But Fundamentalism is not only linked to Islam (which I assume that everybody know about), but to christianity, and other religions and aswell Of course there is fundamentalism outside religion to, but not in such big scale.

But first my definition:Fundamentalism is the view that all content of a specific holy book should be taken literally and follow it’s fundamental principes. Secondly that the religious dogma is founded as a political agenda. ”

Everywhere in the world we can see fundamentalists stone homosexuals to death, doctors who perform abortions gets shot i USA by christian fundamentalists and so on. Some fundamentalists have a disparaging view on women, doomsday prophets advocate mass suicide, child are abused by priest and pastors in both the Lutheran, catholic and orthodox church. When a society or country is strongly religious, “the people” can be misled by propaganda campaigns that use distortions, misrepresentations, scare tactics, and outright lies. But if the Bible is “infallible, without error in all matters pertaining to faith and practice,” then why aren’t the self-righteous stoning people who wear clothing made of two different threads or work on the Sabbath?

Missionaries has from the beginning done harm to the world. Starting when the Romans made it a state religion and spreading through the world with murders of non-believers and massacres of jews, shamans, pagans and other religious believers. The Natives in South and North America, the Vikings in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe brutally massacred by christians. And then the witch hunt in the Early Modern Europe and North America leading to between 40 000 – 100 000 executions. Also Muslim killed for religion for example the 1066 Granada massacre killing about 4000 jews.

Rejecting the Intellect
I can see an irrational, cultural conservatistic religiosity and science hostility gain influence in the society. The hatred against science, I believe has to do with that science not yet have been able to solve some of the main problems, such as pollution or the problem with HIV and AIDS. The worse disease in our time and the scientists are lost. I think that many people are disappointed on science when it don’t provide the needed solutions. I also believe that the atomic bomb and other weapons of mass destruction shows that science can be used in an evil way, which also contribute to the contempt towards science.

Religious Laws
Now based from the bible there is a few examples of laws that restrict our freedom. There are laws against abortion, the sale of any “intoxicating alcoholic liquor” on Sundays is prohibited by state law in Arkansas is one example of the ”Blue Law”. And there is fictional laws that different churches made up and biblical laws (which restricts people from doing what ever a free person can do) that must be followed to be a member such as no smoking, no drinking, don’t have sex before marriage, obey this and obey that. Were is the freedom?

And we can also see as a fact that big religions sometimes creates sects and cults such as Mormonism, children of god (the family), christian identity movement, the nation of Islam, U.P.C and so on. Despite the human and societal damage caused by cults, few organizations exist to help prevent or lessen the damage. Until very recently, governments worldwide have not created systematic programs to respond to the problem. The work has been done by non-profit organizations and by people working on individual bases, studying the cult phenomenon, counseling cult members and ex-members, prosecuting those guilty of cult-related crimes and abuses, and educating others on the dangers of cults.

There is danger in religion which must be avoided. I have only insight in christianity and Islam, but I could guess that there is parts of hinduism and buddhism and other religions that is a danger for the freedom of man. And I also want to add as I said at the top of this post that not every religious man, woman and child are dangerous or evil. This is only a part of the religion, but that is the problem. Religion gives room for fundamentalism, cults, death and a resistance against science.

I believe that every man and woman has a free will, has a brain to think. I believe that we have a moral compass within us. We don’t need a God to be moral, feel compassion, be polite and take care of our children. But that is something that certain religious people with no logical sense can’t admit. The problem begins with the Evil God and humanity’s ego. I believe that all religions should be personal. All religions have good parts, but it’s when the religion collects the masses and come together, when a few men can interpret and use the word of God and prophets to control the masses that creates this danger. Religion has to be personal.


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