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At the Foot of the Rainbow

I was dreaming myself away to a landscape that spreads out at the foot of the rainbow. A landscape more beautiful than any eye beheld. The first thing I see is a bright green flexible meadow with beautiful pink lilies and white, almost silvery roses and trees with shiny red apples. I see a narrow creek running through the landscape towards the horizon and where the landscape ends I see a colorful sky raise up. I look at the sun, but is not dazzled. In front of the sun a pure white dove flies at an angle away from me.The water next to me is clear and the bottom is covered with colorful corals. Along with the small stream which also disappears in the horizon, I see a dozen bridges in gold and precious stones that go from one side to the other. And on the other side of the stream, I see three white unicorns playing and jump in total bliss.

On the bridge closest to me I see a woman, a goddess in a sky-blue gown of shimmering silk. Her hair is shoulder length and wavy, golden blonde and her face makes me smile. She starts to move against me and every step she takes feels like in slow motion. Her aura radiates a divine love, and before I have time to think, she arrived at me and touch me on the shoulder. A shiver goes through my whole body and my mouth can not stop smiling. Her eyes are as deep as the clearest sea. She bends towards me and her lips touch mine and she kissed me. Her lips are soft and moist and tastes just as sweet as hot chocolate on a ice-cold winter night. I look into her eyes while our lips leaves each other.

I notice how it starts to hurt in the chest and I feel a great pain coming slowly. But I can not move, I can not stop thinking about her, I laugh, even if the pain is there. I look at her while the pain becomes overwhelming and I fall down on my knees in spasms. I see her golden feet and slowly look up at her while I admire her perfect form. I look into her eyes and she smiles at me. I smile back and I close my eyes while a tears of joy force their way through the eyelids. I die, I die of love, abundance, and it’s the last thing I experience in my life. And I certainly do not regret that I found the treasure at the foot of the rainbow.


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I would like to recommend some beautiful music that I listen to when I want peace in my heart, mind or soul. This album has helped me to heal myself from sadness and inner pain. It is called Chinese and Japanese Koto Harp and Shakuhachi Flute Music

Buy it or listen to samples on the link below.


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Oh my, I have been so off the latest day. I have not been in a good mood at all. And I have also been away on a trip and an inner journey, which I needed. Today I walked 6 miles which took exactly 85 minutes. It was hard because I didn’t use regular shoes. I wore my slippers, and that did a lot of bad things to my feet.  I have lost a few more pounds. I am now at the lowest weight in 4 years, I love my new life. And I am feeling that my energy is coming back and I will write something interesting in a close future. So, now I will continue listening on the classical music I love so much, like Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Grieg, Debussy, Mozart, Bach etc.

Here is a good video I like and recommend. It’s a song by Swedish Ranarim. It is in Swedish, but if you’d like a translation just comment. Enjoy!

Over and Out!


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Racism is a global issue and I believe that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”, and shall be treated in that way. And what is reported in media these days are disturbing news. It seems like a storm of racism and xenophobia is blowing through Europe in this time. It seems like World War II and nazism is completely forgotten. But this time it’s not the jews which are the main target of the racism, but the Romani people. In WWII the Romanis were marked for extermination and sentenced to forced labor and imprisonment in concentration camps. But as we know the Jews were the main target. And the thing that made the extermination of certain ethnic groups was the wind of racism which blew through Europe at that time as it does today. But today it’s not Antisemitism but Antiziganism that is going on. Today Romanis often live in ghettos and in low-class areas and sometimes sets up camps to live in. Many people see them as thieves and social parasites and they are often targets of police brutality.

The closest news may be the reports that French authorities demolished at least 51 illegal Roma camps and began the process of repatriating their residents to their countries of origin. But this is not the first time it happens. In the early 1990s, Germany deported tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to Eastern Europe. Sixty percent of some 100,000 Romanian nationals deported under a 1992 treaty were Romani.  In Northern Ireland an anti-racist rally in the city on 15 June, 2009 to support Romani rights was attacked by youths chanting neo-Nazi slogans.

One of these issues seems to be that the Romani Camps are illegal in most of the European countries. And why that is, I can’t answer. Maybe one reason could be Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame which is having a strong, genocidal hatred picture of gypsies in the Disney’s animated adaptation of the story.

In my own country, Sweden which for a few days ago had an election where one new party called the Sweden Democrats were elected into the parliament. They were founded in 1988 and is a Swedish political party that describes itself as a nationalist movement. It has its roots in the nazi movement but was split up in two different party’s during late 90’s. The famous Swedish botanic researcher Carl Von-Linné (Carl Linnaeus) was also a pioneer in race-biology field. He divided humans to races and related behavioural patterns and claimed blacks are lazy and slow while Europeans are innovative and smart. Sweden was also the first country in the world to open an institute for race-biology research in the Swedish town of Uppsala. The institute recommended the sterilization by force of the mentally ill, physically disabled, homosexuals and ethnic minorities, which was allowed by Swedish law until 1975.

This all makes me embarrassed to be Swedish and European.

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sweden mountain

Well, today is the day! We have a historical election in Sweden. We can for the first time have a non-Socialist government two terms in a row. On other hand Sweden will see its first female prime minister tomorrow. The non-Socialist government has during this term handled the financial crisis very good. Sweden are on the top ten list* of countries which are least affected by the economic crisis in the world. The present government was even able to lower the income-taxes during this financial crisis. And from the las election “the Alliance” kept most (103 of 131) of the promises they made. They introduced something called “rut-avdraget” which gave 10 000 jobs for mostly youths and immigrants. They also privatized “Apoteket” (the pharmacy’s of Sweden which before was had monopoly on the drug market) with the output of 409 new pharmacy’s. This makes it a lot easier for people to get there because it’s closer. And it also gives thousands of new jobs. So far there has almost only been positive effects with the non-Socialist government.

What will happen if the socialist side wins? Well, first of the socialists cooperate with the communist party and their leader Lars Ohly who is very anti USA and pro-Palistine and Iran. This will make our good cooperation with the western countries such as USA unstable. Then the taxes will go back to the previous standard which results in lower incomes. The subsidies to non-workers will increase which lower the funds to other more important things like the medical services etc. The “rut-avdrag” will disappear and with it 10 000 jobs. The socialists will take Sweden and our strong economics and first make our beautiful country into a marxist state and will lead us to a communistic society. Is it worth it? If that happens I will move, and so will probably all company owners and other rich people also do. They whom which makes the society go around. Sweden will go to its grave.

GO Fredrik Reinfeldt and the non-Socialist Alliance

* http://www.labnol.org/internet/countries-least-affected-by-economic-recession/8814/

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New Header

Made a new design on the header. A little different from the other which were created because I was going to write about shamanism only, but that changed and so did the header.

/Spirit Drum

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The Magic of Rain

From my room I can hear that the rain is falling down. It reminds me of the good times as a child. In fact, my best memory ever from the childhood was a night with rain, thunder and lightning.

I was put to bed by mom and fell asleep fast as I used to. After a couple of  hours I suddenly woke up. I remembered dreaming about beautiful landscapes, colorful birds, rivers, waterfalls and old forests. I woke up from a thunderbolt, I think it was the sound because I was never afraid for it. My mother was watching television in the darkness and I came to her and said to her that I couldn’t sleep. She asked if I was afraid, but I wasn’t. I said that I liked thunder and lightning, I admired it, wondering where the sound and light came from. I said to her that I wanted to watch the lightning and she smiled and said to me to go out on the balcony and sit down. She gave me a warm blanket and I walked to the sofa on the balcony. So I sat there looking at the lightning, listening to the thunder and the rain tapping on the tin roof. After a few minutes she came with hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and she sat down next to me and put her arm around me. We sat there for a few hours until I fell asleep. The morning after was I for the first time rested when I woke up.

People has for thousands of years developed rituals to induce rain. From the Hopi rain dances in USA, to the beating of ceremonial rain drums in Ugandan rites. There has been people to perform different methods to inspire the rain to fall for millennia. China with its water dragons, the dancing on the green thrown flowers and herbs in the British Isles and so on. What is the magic of rain?

Thoughts drifting with drifting clouds
As I sit here & watch the crowd;
Lightning flashes the life so far
Moments of glee & the deep scars.

A drop from eye, a drop from sky
Tears & rain don’t seem to be ally;
I hope the rain wins this affray
And it washes all my tears away.

Rain has always this magic on me
It touches that me hidden within me;
Rain reminds me those golden years
And also helps me hide my tears.

– Kanupriya

Best Regards, Spirit Drum

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