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At the Foot of the Rainbow

I was dreaming myself away to a landscape that spreads out at the foot of the rainbow. A landscape more beautiful than any eye beheld. The first thing I see is a bright green flexible meadow with beautiful pink lilies and white, almost silvery roses and trees with shiny red apples. I see a narrow creek running through the landscape towards the horizon and where the landscape ends I see a colorful sky raise up. I look at the sun, but is not dazzled. In front of the sun a pure white dove flies at an angle away from me.The water next to me is clear and the bottom is covered with colorful corals. Along with the small stream which also disappears in the horizon, I see a dozen bridges in gold and precious stones that go from one side to the other. And on the other side of the stream, I see three white unicorns playing and jump in total bliss.

On the bridge closest to me I see a woman, a goddess in a sky-blue gown of shimmering silk. Her hair is shoulder length and wavy, golden blonde and her face makes me smile. She starts to move against me and every step she takes feels like in slow motion. Her aura radiates a divine love, and before I have time to think, she arrived at me and touch me on the shoulder. A shiver goes through my whole body and my mouth can not stop smiling. Her eyes are as deep as the clearest sea. She bends towards me and her lips touch mine and she kissed me. Her lips are soft and moist and tastes just as sweet as hot chocolate on a ice-cold winter night. I look into her eyes while our lips leaves each other.

I notice how it starts to hurt in the chest and I feel a great pain coming slowly. But I can not move, I can not stop thinking about her, I laugh, even if the pain is there. I look at her while the pain becomes overwhelming and I fall down on my knees in spasms. I see her golden feet and slowly look up at her while I admire her perfect form. I look into her eyes and she smiles at me. I smile back and I close my eyes while a tears of joy force their way through the eyelids. I die, I die of love, abundance, and it’s the last thing I experience in my life. And I certainly do not regret that I found the treasure at the foot of the rainbow.


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A great inspirational speech by Terence McKenna. He has given me much to think of, and I consider myself one of his followers, even if I do believe in other things as well and have my own thoughts I believe that much of what he said are indeed true. Listen and read his speech and you might understand.

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