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Meeting With The Raven

I have never been confident about speaking about my spirit animals. But for a while ago I met a raven which I feel I can talk about. I first met him when I was waiting on the bus early one morning. I first noticed that he didn’t fly away when I came to close but stayed, confident like a dove. I walked to the station and sat there a while. Then I saw that same raven again walking towards me. When he was about 40 cm from me he stopped and looked at me. He just looked at me, and then I heard in my mind how he spoke to me saying; Good morning, how are you? I answered with my thoughts and said fine, little tired but ok. The raven answered; Ok, well im hungry, im going to look for food. And it walked away..

I have never before got that connection to a live animal, so I thought it was really cool.  A couple of nights later I had a lucid dream about walking on a road in a forest. The raven was flying next to me and protected me from other spiritual beings. I met other animals passing by, and also other humans with their spirit animal. I remember specifically one girl I met which was walking with a fox and a falcon. We talked for a while and took a swim in a beautiful lake before I woke up.

In my lucid dreams the landscape are always very beautiful, I see rainbows, stars, rivers and deep old forests. And I wish that the world would go back to this, to the time before the big cities and exploited forests. But that’s another story.

Anyway, later on I made a journey to meet the raven and asked for his name. Old Angus Kane he replied, I’m your guide, your eye in the spirit world. I am magic, your teacher of will. I don’t really understand yet what he ment with this. But then, time is a very good friend.

In the latest experience, via meditation, to lucid dream, I met him again for short while. I gave him food, and he gave me a feather in return.

Every experience with this raven connects me more with it. But not always do I understand him. I guess I will learn with time.

Symbolic Meaning of The Raven

In Native American lores the raven is a creature of metamorphosis and symbolize transformation/change. In some tribes it is a trickster because of it’s transformation attributes.

Often honored among medicine & holy men of tribes for its shape-shifting qualities, the Raven was called upon in ritual so that visions could be clarified.  Native holy men understood that what the physical eye sees, is not necessarily the truth, and he would call upon the raven for clarity in these matters.

Foremost, the Raven is the Native American bearer of magic, and a harbinger of messages from the cosmos.  Messages that are beyond space and time are nestled in the midnight wings of the Raven and come to only those within the tribe who are worthy of the knowledge.

When I looked up the symbolic meaning of the raven I understood a lot more. But now it’s time to seek more answers from Old Angus Kane.



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Some Thoughts on Society

I wrote this for those who can relate to it.

You are all ignorant people, you don’t listen, you don’t care. You live your life, feeding on your own false desires and egoistic needs. Don’t you understand that you are controlled by the government and media, directed into a society of consuming unnecessary things. This is the reason for the depression epidemic in the western world. Caused by not following your own true will, but falling into slavery. And you are comfortable with this, therefore you will not change, you will close your eyes to this. That is your choise, but some day you will regret it.


I rather live in the forest, far away from society and materialistic thinking. Because unlike you I don’t value possession. I value consciousness, peace, love and happiness more. And as long as you love materials, you can’t love life. I was influenced by this. And I was depressed, but I found the truth and with it my happiness, the inner joy. And as long as the society is ignorant and close-minded I will hate it and pity those who live in it. I am longing for a place far away from it. And I am reaching for a home without all this false desires caused by the influence from media and the global ignorance. I want to live free, not in slavery like the rest of the world.

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First off I want to remind you that the shamanic traditions can vary a lot from region to region, but in general the beliefs are very close. Animals and plants are intimately related to aboriginal religions and to shamanism and its practices in particular. In this respect, European, Central Asian, and North African shamanism probably have the longest history of evidence of this association: many petroglyphs, dating from the Upper Paleolithic to the premodern period shows evidence of a close relationship to animals.

Animals and plants aswell as animal-anthropomorphic figures, mythic or real, sacred or profane, have played very diverse roles within and across Asian cultures. Unfortunately, Eurasian shamanism, much of the territory of the practice of which falls within China, Mongolia, and the former USSR, has not been studied in all its diversity due to the severe ideological restrictions in the above-mentioned countries. Therefore it can be hard to understand or get knowledge about the asian view on power animals or totems.

Although there are regional as well as tribal differences the shaman generally believes that the “Spirit Animal” (Totem, Power Animal, Spirit Guide etc) is something that everybody have from the beginning and can learn to know and find a communication with. But all through life you will find other totems or will be visited by them. The most common as I have found is the bear, wolf and eagle. In the north (Scandinavia) where I am from we have since the Viking ages and earlier used names from animals and nature. Name such as Bjorn (bear), Arne (eagle), Alf (wolf) and so on are very common and if we would look at the Native American names I believe we find the same amount of animal connected names.


Just a  beautiful song by Steve and David Gordon

Sometimes you have a favourite animal or some animal you’ve been connected to from your birth, that could be (but not always is) your “Birth Totem”. The birth totem is one of the two types of animal spirits that remain with us from the cradle to the grave. Our birth totems tell us what a person is really like, this can be seen as we share the same traits with our birth totem. Our psychic awareness is also closely linked with our birth totem.

Then we have our “Power Animal” which is the other animal spirit that stays with us from the cradle to the grave. Our power animal will compensate for our weaknesses and our short comings. These Power Animals also share their wisdom and their abilities with us, often giving us the knowledge to answer questions on subjects we know nothing about and also giving us the courage to complete our tasks when we want to give up. They also serve as an indicator of our possible growth and full potential they are able to provide us with everything we need to attain to reach our full potential, helping us to learn and grow.

I would not recommend anybody to tell who their Spirit Animals are if it’s not okay with them, so ask it first. It can be that your birth animal is confident enough to spoken loud about, but your Power Animal would become angry if you did that. You are supposed to connect with them and get to know it so that it can help you with answers and knowledge. See it like a friendship you will have all life long and treat it like a best friend.

Animal helpers are the type of animal spirit that comes and goes as the need arises, they share their wisdom with us and show us what we need know to remedy any situation in our lives at any time. They will stay with us until the situation is resolved then they will leave to help someone else. The sooner these animals go the better as it means the problem has been resolved and we can move on. It is important that we be aware of these helpers and that we listen and pay attention so that we can use their wisdom when it is needed.

Then we can have Animal Messengers which is exactly what it says, these animal spirits are the dispatch riders of the spirit realms and they deliver messages from the spirit world. They often appear in our dreams, but can appear in meditations or along our chosen pathway as we journey. Their visits are always brief, they depart as quickly as they arrive. We may only ever get to see this particular animal spirit once so it is important that we listen, carefully, to what they have to say or look ,carefully, at what they have to show us, we may not get another chance to fully understand what was given, if we miss something.

The Medicine Animals is similar to the helpers, except this animal comes loaded with medicine and this is to aid in healing. These animals only come when you call them and will stay until you tell them to go. These medicine animals also have a great wisdom to share with you and they will guide you whilst you do your healing work, in addition to all this they also provide extra protection, should you need it, whilst you work. Please remember when you use these animals to honour them with your thanks when you send them away.

You can connect with your totems through shamanic journeys, and it’s in one of those inner journeys (and the dream-world in some cases) you will find your totems. But that is another chapter.

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Last night I was out in the forest with some friends. We made a fire which took like 2-3 hours to make because the wood was so wet. We of course wanted to do it for real so the only modern product we used was the lighter. But anyway, it was very enjoyable cause we talked much about Samhain and the story behind it, we did a simple protection ritual and chilled out. I feel that it was one of the best time in a long time and to breathe the fresh air, watch the moon and stars move on the sky as the day was coming closer… I felt like a real romantic and a light was opened inside me more and more as the time went on. When we came home the clock was about 06:30 in the morning and I fell asleep and had a lucid dream about a very protective raven sitting on my shoulder attacking spiritual enemies and keeping me safe.



This morning I woke up hungry, so after a coffee, meditation and the basic grounding I started with the brunch; reindeer with chanterelle’s, different roots and poached eggs and a glass of fresh juice was the menu of today and a part of my paleodiet. I cooked quiet a lot so I had the same for dinner. I met a new friend this weekend and he has a big problem with wild swine’s and offered me as much wild swine meat as I wanted for free. This mean that I can get meat for the whole year and really concentrate on the paleodiet. I will vary between reindeer, elk, wild swine, deer, duck, pheasant, ox and lamb (because I love lamb) meat. A new era in my life starts now!

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